Thursday, March 11, 2010
McCormick Hall 106

4:30p        Keynote Conversation: “Virtuosity”

  • Carlo Rotella – “Doing it Right: On the Greatness of Magic Slim”
  • Scott Saul – “‘Wrong is Perfect’: Richard Pryor’s Breakthrough Year in Berkeley”

6p        Reception

Friday, March 12, 2010
Chancellor Green 105

9a        Graduate student panel 1 (w/ Carlo Rotella)

  • Michelle Coghlan – “Making it New: Marxism, Modernism, and the Commune in the 1930s
  • Casey Walker – “Cormac McCarthy at the Border: All the Pretty Horses and Crepuscular Style
  • Parween Ebrahim – “Virtuous Historiography: George Copway’s Re-Imagination of Indian History
  • Adrienne Brown – “Business Can Be Your Boyfriend:  The New Woman and the Seductive Skyscraper”

1p        Graduate student panel 2 (w/ Scott Saul)

  • Ethel Rackin – “Unvirtuous Ornament: Imagism and H.D.’s Sea Garden”
  • Briallen Hopper – “Feeling Right, Feeling Good, and Feeling Well in American Reform Culture”
  • Sonya Posmentier – “Catastrophic Time and the Buzz of Multivocality in Sterling Brown’s ‘Ma Rainey’”
  • John Reuland – “‘Living Up From It’: Music, Performance, and Loss in Claude McKay’s Banjo

4:30p     Closing Roundtable
East Pyne 010

  • With graduate students, featured speakers, and Americanist faculty.  “Virtuosity and Americanist Critical Practice”:  Scott Saul, Carlo Rotella, Daphne Brooks, Anne A. Cheng, and Bill Gleason